View Full Version : Acme #4 on Shen Hao lensboard?

Michael Graves
4-Jan-2011, 11:04
Is there a trick to making it work? The lens/shutter combination fits fine on the lens board...but then the lens board won't mount onto the front standard. Is it just not possible?

Jason Greenberg Motamedi
4-Jan-2011, 13:49
What doesn't work about it?

Is it that the sliders won't lock into place because the flange or shutter body is too big? If so, you need to either build a stand-off lens board or you need to trim the flange. Another option which may or may not work for your lens and camera combination is to thread the lens board and then put a spacer between the shutter and the board, making sure there is enough thread to grasp securely.

Michael Graves
4-Jan-2011, 20:09
As you know, the Shen Hao is identical to the Linhoff, only thinner. This is a Shen Hao brand board. It fits in fine with a 300mm Fujinon on a #3 Copal. With the Acme Synchro, the lens board won't back into the standard far enough for the locking tabs to slide around the front. It isn't a matter of whether or not the lens fits through the opening. It does that just fine. The board just won't line up and lock down.