View Full Version : Mounting Schneider APO-symmar 5.6/135 to lens board

Gil Cruz
26-Apr-1998, 17:49
I just bought an APO-Symmar 5.6/135 lens in a Copal No. O shutter. When mounting it on a lens board, I noticed a small protruding screw head, about 1/8", that doesn't allow for a flush mount on the board. Is this by design? If so, does it affect the parallel plane of lens to film? Should there be a recessed hole in the lens board? I'm a bit puzzled about this screw since other lenses do not mount the same. Help me out, please? Thanks

Gordon Vcikrey
26-Apr-1998, 20:05
First, you really must remove the screw. This is absolutely necessary. Then you may either 1) drill a hole part way through the lens board, allowing the len's f ront assembly to seat properly while catching the screw head to prevent undesire d rotation, or 2) just throw it away. Really. A properly tightened lens shows li ttle or no rotation once it is set to the lensboard, and some slight rotation ha s no effect, anyway. I just toss the screw. Other photographers I know do the sa me.

Gordon Vickrey krmhlz@earthlink.net