View Full Version : Strongest mix ratio for FA-1027 working solution

John Fink Jr.
3-Jan-2011, 13:47
I'm curious as to how strong one can go with FA-1027, say 1:1(recommended is 1:9)?
Steve Anchell kind of alludes in his "Cookbook" that stronger developer quantities are better. I know he is referring to quantities of working solutions, but how strong can we make the working solutions? Especially beyond the recommendations.

Keith Tapscott.
4-Jan-2011, 03:54
If I remember right, FA-1027 is made by under license by Clayton Chemicals and is the same product as their own F-76 Plus. You can contact them for advice for dilutions.

John Fink Jr.
5-Jan-2011, 09:34
Thank you Keith!