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Thomas Ferko
17-Apr-1998, 10:48
Is anyone familiar with Ilex lenses. I see this older lens was made in different sizes. How do they stack up against the more noted Dagors in terms of sharpness , ect. All input greatly appreciated. Contact: talltandj@aol.com

Ron Shaw
17-Apr-1998, 17:09
The Graphlex site mentions the 1950's Ilex Paragons were typically coated versio ns of the 1940's Kodak Anastigmat f/4.5 (tessar type). Like most tessars, they s hould be fine general purpose lenses. I dont know much else about them.

Marcus J. Wilson
25-Oct-2000, 14:53
S.K Grimes has an article about Ilex shutter for large format photographers on his web site thats pretty good. I have an Ilex 7" (180mm) f:4.8 Ilex Acuton No. 196, lens that I'm trying to find info on. Its in a copal No. 1 shutter. It takes fantastic photos and is pretty clean. The shutter however, is a little tacky, with some blistering of the paint around the synch post and some rust on the back of the shutter cocking lever. The lens looks like it was made in the late '50s to mid- '60s. It also has a removable set of elements at the back and on the shutter body are two sets of f stops. One for 300 and one for 180. this leads me to believe that this is a convertable lens, but which is which? Or is there a missing set of elements to make this a 300mm lens?

If you find any information about your Ilex and happen to see anything about an Acuton, please email me at marcus.wilson@dtra.mil

Thanks and good luck

Marcus J. Wilson