View Full Version : Repackaging 8x10 TMY(2) 10 Sheet

Michael Kadillak
3-Jan-2011, 10:09
I wanted to share some experience in repackaging TMY(2) in 8x10.

First I will tell you that it is easy to put two 10 sheet packets in one 10 sheet Kodak triple box. That takes every other box out of the equation.

Secondly, I wanted to let you know that one can easily put five 10 sheet packets in one of the earlier Kodak 50 sheet boxes if you have saved any from previous purchases. There is one caveat in this situation. With the current 10 sheet packets occasionally you will find one that has some air in it from packaging that unless addressed, will take up more room than optimal in the multiple packet objectives. I used a simple thumb tack to put a hole in the corner of the film packet to allow the excess air to be pushed out and then I covered the hole with a piece of tape. No problem. Less space - no waste.


Richard M. Coda
3-Jan-2011, 10:26
Sounds like voodoo to me! ;)

Thanks Michael.

Michael Kadillak
3-Jan-2011, 10:35
I do not disagree at all.

We will get back to the 50 sheet boxes on the next go around. Many times success in life and in business comes in small increments. As long as the vector is pointed in the right direction I am good to go.