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Stewart Churchill
30-Apr-1998, 11:50
I'm in the process of making a 4x5, but don't have access to a ground glass. Wou ld anyone out there know how to make a piece of ground glass??

stewart Churchill

30-Apr-1998, 14:01
I've never made one, but I've bought several, in three different sizes, from Ste phen Shuart in PA, who has a full-page ad toward the back of most Shutterbugs. S S sells some bizarro stuff (his business card lists "burglar tools" within his p urview), but he does take Visa/MC/Discover, has a toll-free order line, seems re putable, and has come through for me. According to an ad in the year-old Shutter bug here in my office, he charged $16 for a 4x5 ground glass, $35 for a 4x5 w/10 mm grid, and $129 for a 4x5 w/10mm grid and fresnel (all prices do not include s hipping). You may want to check a more recent issue of S'bug...

Btw, 10mm may be a fairly fine, that is distracting, grid for some tastes, and S huart uses it on his ground glasses all the way up through 11x14, where it would look like graph paper; I've often used a black ballpoint pen to draw a grid to my liking (on the rough--lens--side) of a plain ground glass).

Shuart's numbers: Orders: 800/458-6092 Inquiries: 814/837-7786 Fax: 814/837-2248 e-mail: shufly@penn.com

Good luck!

David F. Stein
14-May-1998, 00:13
24" x 24" ground glass, 3/32" thick (1/8" window glass), about $35 at my local g lass shop. Also see: * Bronica 6x6 medium format: http://www.smu.edu/~rmonagha/bronica.html site * Medium Format Cameras: http://www.smu.edu/~rmonagha/mf/index.html megasite

for related articles and links.

Birck Cox
17-Jun-1998, 10:12
The best/cheapest source I've found is Steve Shuart (seconding previous referenc e); I've been buying replacement glass and misc. parts from him for ten years. His prices are good, the sizes are correct, and he ships quick. Birck