View Full Version : Questions on Ebay Linhof/Wista boards

Daniel Stone
2-Jan-2011, 13:58
hey guys,

well, the whole "DIY" lensboard adapter project for my KMV hasn't panned out like I originally planned, so I've just decided to scrap the project and go with one of the ebay Sinar-->Linhof Technika Lensboard adapter plates, and just screw it to the front of my KMV lensboard(where it'll remain forever :)).

however, since the 2 lenses I currently own are mounted in Copal 3 shutters, I've been wondering if the chinese knockoff lensboards(which I'm eyeing, $18.95/each free shipping), however they're NOT center driilled. Those cost ~$25 each.

being the frugal SOB that I am ;), I'm wondering if the off-center Copal 3 boards will work ok with my lenses and retaining rings. Or will I need to buy thinner retaining rings as well?

or just spend the extra dough and get the center drilled ones? These won't conflict with my retaining rings width-wise, will it?

thanks, and happy new year!


Jack Dahlgren
2-Jan-2011, 22:22
If you are really frugal, go to the hobby shop and get some 1/8 plywood and cut out the hole yourself - wherever you want the hole to be. :-)