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2-Jan-2011, 09:11
My Linhof cable release sticks randomly with my Fujinon lens. I trip the shutter a couple of times and then I get a random failure. Is there anything I can do or check to prevent this? Lens used is a Fujinon CM W 300. This doesn't happen with my other lens. Thinking that I may have to send it in for a CLA.

2-Jan-2011, 14:30
Is it in a Copal 3? You may need a shutter release with a longer plunger at the tip. I have some releases that won't work on the Copal 3 because the plunger on the end is too short; the whole stiff part goes in there and bends at the flexible part, thus getting stuck.

2-Jan-2011, 15:53
It's a Copal 3 ic-racer. Thing is, it works most of the time then it randomly sticks. Very frustrating. I'll take your advice and try some longer releases.

Thanks for responding.

Michael Graves
3-Jan-2011, 05:53
The Nikon AR-3 and the Asahi Pentax cable release both show up occasionally on eBay. I have both (think they're probably the same manufacturer), and they work fine on my Fujinon 300W with the Copal 3. Both are of very high quality.

9-Jan-2011, 06:24
Thanks Michael. I'll check them both.

Bob Salomon
9-Jan-2011, 06:40
A new Linhof, a Gepe or a Kaiser will all fire a Copal 3 reliably. Your cable release may be worn out.

9-Jan-2011, 07:08
Thank you Bob. It's frustrating the heck out of me. Happened again yesterday. I'll purchase a new one after I return from my photo trip.

9-Jan-2011, 11:57
If the cable release is "sticking," replace it. It needs to move smoothly w/o sticking. I have had that when I "somehow" kinked the cable.