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Sillano Fabrizio
1-Apr-1998, 19:46
I'd like to buy a 210mm for using with my Linhof 4x5, but I don't know if a Niko n lens is better than Schneider Symmar 210mm f5.6. Anyone could help me? Thanks a lot! Woland

Mark Windom
2-Apr-1998, 02:33
I don't think one is necessarily better than the other when you're comparing the se two lenses. The Schneider has a slightly larger image circle (305 vs 295), t akes a slightly larger filter (72 vs 67),and costs about $300 more through B&H. Nikon glass is supposedly slightly warmer and not a contrasty as German glass. I have the Nikon and have been very happy with it.

Ron Shaw
2-Apr-1998, 13:34
I doubt that you would see any difference between the two lenses. Some argue tha t one is warmer or less contrasty than the other, and someone else says just the opposite! That tells me that people really cant tell the difference. Most likel y, the differences they see are due more to the particular situation, or thier f ilm, or the processing. I have friends that are firmly entrenched on both sides, and swear by one or the other, but when the chromes are on the light table, I c ant see any real difference. Personally, I would save the 300 bucks! ;-)

Rob "John Henry" Rothman
2-Apr-1998, 14:00
I'm inclined to agree that its unlikely that either lens would be noticeably bet ter than the other. As far as the price differential is concerned, the lower pr ice on Nikkor mentioned above is based on current prices in the U.S. If you buy it at home, you might find that the Schneider products, which are from within t he EU, are actually less expensive. I just don't know what the current prices a re, but its worth looking into--don't assume that Nikkor is less expensive in Eu rope just because it is in the U.S.