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Rich Lahrson
28-Jan-1998, 18:53
I need to get an adapter for a tripod that has the larger European type thread to fit a camera that has the smaller American type thread. Is there anything commercially available or will I have to go to a machinist? I don't want to alter the tripod or the camera.

Rob "John Henry" Rothman
29-Jan-1998, 11:03
If I understand correctly,the tripod screw is the larger (3/8") size, and the so cket in the camera is the smaller (1/4") size. Most adaptors that I've seen wor k in the reverse direction. Rather than trying to find an adaptor that works, y ou might want to consider simply replacing the tripod screw. Most tripod heads permit the screw to be removed and replaced easily, without having to make any p ermanent modifications.

Bruce Z. Li
7-Feb-1998, 00:35
The 3/8" to 1/4" or 1/4" to 3/8" adapters are readily available in all of my loc al camera shops here in Canberra (small capital of Australia with a population o f 180,000), and there are also adapters for other wierd sizes. They seems to be made by HAMA (Germany?) and cost less than $5.

18-Mar-1998, 03:25
All your troubles are over when you buy a LINHOF quickfix II Another thing that will be solved is the clumsy fumbling around when putting the camera on the pod

Regards, JohnD