View Full Version : Kodak C41SM F1 F2

30-Dec-2010, 18:17
Wondering if these 2 boxes can be used to make working solutions for small run tank developing in lieu of other kits. I've read it's designed for a machine and is the SM process which apparently auto replenishes working solutions in SM process machines - but also that C41SM is C41 - so I wonder if this is an economical alternative to other kits ...

How many 1L working solutions of the component baths can I get from these boxes?

I imagine mixing liters at a time of working solution baths, using for the number of films it can handle, disposing of, then remix new liter working solutions.






Brian C. Miller
30-Dec-2010, 19:09
I have used the Tetenal kit with great results, myself. The Kodak and other kits look like they are for machines. The Tetenal kit is also only $20.

5-Jan-2011, 17:08
Photo Formulary has a 1 liter C-41 kit. If you want to get more film out of it remember that you can re-use Bleach twice as much as Developer. Developer and Fix is cheap for C-41, Bleach is not. So order a 1 liter kit from the forumlary use the developer one shot but save the Bleach for re-use. Buy more Developer, Fixer and Final Rinse from Adorama.