View Full Version : Here is Hannah, a 11x14 "collage" camera

Eric Constantineau
30-Dec-2010, 09:34
A unique design...

The camera makes collages right from the exposure... Every photo is made out from 8 different exposures, because there are 8 different rooms inside the camera. The name of the camera "Hannah", comes after Hannah Hoch, a dadaist artist who made "collages" out of photos :-)

Here are the first 2 photos I took with it :

And here are some details about the camera :

Am I mad or what ! :-)

Jim Becia
30-Dec-2010, 09:45

Interesting and unusual. I'm trying to grasp how the camera and lens works, but in any event, I like the results. Jim

30-Dec-2010, 09:56
I love it--well done!

sanchi heuser
30-Dec-2010, 10:00
A phantastic idea!
I'm too dumb too invent such fine appareils:D

Sanjay Sen
30-Dec-2010, 10:26
Brilliant idea! Like Jim, I am trying to understand how the camera and lens work though.

Dr Klaus Schmitt
30-Dec-2010, 10:49
Not sure how the 8 different exposures are actually made. Covering the rest of 7 segments? Impressive idea though!

30-Dec-2010, 11:24
I had planned on making a multi-lens camera to do something similar, but looks like you've built a prototype already :)

Mark Sawyer
30-Dec-2010, 11:45
Am I mad or what ! :-)

Absolutely! We should all be so mad... :)

Wonderful images too, although to my eyes they seem much more related to the Cubist aesthetic of seeing a place or object from more than one vantage point simultaneously. But where it all will lead, that's the adventure!

30-Dec-2010, 12:00
I like it! Does it use just one lens? Or does each section have its own?

30-Dec-2010, 12:10
j'aime bien l'appareil photo et des merguez, c'est une bonne idée !

Steven Tribe
30-Dec-2010, 12:41
This is certainly not my cup of tea. I draw the line at stereo and 360 degree contraptions!
Are you trying to tell me that each part image has been "composed" ?

Scott Davis
30-Dec-2010, 13:42
I'm still not quite grasping how this thing works - I think a short video would be very instructional in a way that text could never adequately address.

30-Dec-2010, 14:37
hey scott, it looks like a lens that takes the large central image
and each of the others is taken with a pinhole.

looks tricky to get all the different exposures to be around
the same exposure range, and like a lot of fun.

Donald Miller
30-Dec-2010, 15:14
It works by using one taking lens and seven additional pinholes for the total of eight segmented images.

The individual segmented images do not need to be of the same scene because each subsequent segment will be a separate exposure. The "breadboard" serves to provide the demarcation between exposures.

Great and quite creative idea.

Oops John beat me to it.

30-Dec-2010, 15:19
A unique design...


Am I mad or what ! :-)

It's new generation stitching...;)

Mark Woods
30-Dec-2010, 18:27
Very cool. I like the results.

Michael Cienfuegos
31-Dec-2010, 14:06
It is cool, and…*very, very different. I think I like it. It would be fun to work with some direct positive paper in this rig. :)

2-Jan-2011, 12:07

Pretty cool! Are you focusing only once? And then swapping lens positions?

Same neg, yes? And "rooms-of-camera" close to negative plane, yes?

Great creativity!


Dan Fromm
2-Jan-2011, 14:12
This ignorant barbarian sees an exteme case of technique-driven photography. The fixed dividers seem very constraining.

This mad scientist can imagine Eric cackling happily to himself as he had the idea and realized it in wood and metal and who knows what other materials. I've cackled to myself occasionally ... He must have had a lot of fun thinking it through and even more joie de faire.