View Full Version : Bellows for Hasemi (Ikeda Anba/Nagaoka?)

30-Dec-2010, 06:19

My Hasemi 4x5's bellows are a bit worn. Yet light tight, thanks to liquid electric tape but I am slowly looking for good replacement bellows.

But where to get one? The camera itself is probably identical with later Ikeda Anba and Nagaoka field cameras. The dimensions could be even comparable with Tachihara, but I am not sure as there's almost none data available about these cameras.

Any ideas?

Larry H-L
30-Dec-2010, 10:17
The bellows on my Anba Ikeda were replaced by ace camera builder Richard Ritter, he did a great job. Of course, you would have to ship to U.S.

30-Dec-2010, 23:29
Thank you Larry...my camera is in exactly the same shape as Jukka's.