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Andrew Herrick
11-Jan-1998, 05:40
I am an enthusiastic amateur photographer trying to get into large format. Recently a series of lenses has come to my attention. They are old Schneider Symmar lenses, and have focal lengths of 150mm, 210mm and 360mm. By removing the rear elements they become respectively 265mm, 370mm asnd 620mm. They are all in mint condition.

However, in a bizarre twist they are being used in process cameras and do not have shutters. Consequently they are very cheap.

By surfing the net I have discovered that B&H photos sell Copal shutters by mail order. I have some technical data on the Symmars. The lower two take Copal 1 shutters. The 360mm has 5FS in the shutter column.

The B&H catalogue states that the Copal 1 shutter has a front thread of 40mm and a rear thread of 35mm. However the Schneider website states that the Copal 1 sh utter has a thread of 39mm. This has confused me.

Can anyone tell me if a mail order shutter is going to fit these old lenses? I w ould like to know this before I commit to either purchase. And what does that 5F S mean for the 360mm? Will a Copal 3 fit it?

I would be extremely grateful for any information you could provide me with.

Happy New Year.

Andrew Herrick

Jim Blecha
1-Feb-1998, 23:06
I once owned a 210/370mm convertible Schneider Symmar lens and recently traded i t for the newer version 210mm Symmar. As a 210mm it was OK, but you must underst and it was about 30 yrs old and had been dropped several times by previous owner s. This one was silver. The 370mm quality was very poor (not worth using). Most 210's are now in Copal #1 shutters, but newer 150mm's are in Copal 0 shutters.

You should also know that in addition to buying shutters, you must also purchase aperture scales (if available). The last scales I purchased several yrs ago fro m Calumet were about $60. Add the cost of a new shutter, probably $250+ and you' ll be better off purchasing a more recent used lens with shutter. Newer lenses w ill likely have a better coating for color work.

The right price for the lenses you are considering is probably free!