View Full Version : Bergger BPF 200 in HC 110 D for contact prints

jyrki portin
8-Jun-2002, 08:26
I was wondering if anyone has experiance developing Bergger BPF 200 in HC 110 dil D for contact prints.What developing times etc. I would like to shoot it at EI 100 and I use Jobo Expert drum.

Per Volquartz
8-Jun-2002, 15:05
I haved used Dillution B in my Jobo Expert drum - not D.

For B (1:7) here are a few starting times: 70? F - 6.5 minutes = N N+1 is roughly 6.5 minutes X 1.4 N+2 is roughly 1.4 X the time for N+1 N-1 is roughly 6.5 minutes X .7 N-2 is roughly .7 X the time for N-1

For Dillution D (1:9) I would start at 70? F - 7 minutes, = N Once you have established a correct developing time you can apply the formulas for N- and N+ development.