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gari beet
29-Dec-2010, 10:19
I am getting a new camera in the next few weeks, one of the cameras on the shortist is the DLC. Just wanted to check the lens panels that fit, am I right in thinking that it is the Toyo field camera panels, 100mm square? I am after getting a DLC to Technika converter as I have a camera that takes these boards and want to use acroos the 2 cameras.
Any other 100mm boards fit, if that is the size or just Toyo's

It's a used camera I am after in case anyone suggests getting the linhof model. Unless anyone has a linhof version they want to sell, either in fact.



Gem Singer
29-Dec-2010, 10:58
Canham lens panels (lens boards) measure 110.8mmX110.8 mm. I just measured the three spare ones my photo closet.

They are made of black anodized aluminum with a light trap built onto the back surface. There is a Canham logo stamped in the front surface.

I have sucessfully used a Toyo field recessed lens board on my Canham Traditional, DLC, and MQC cameras. However, I needed to adjust the sliders on the front standard when I attempted to use Toyo flat lens boards on those cameras.

Genuine Canham lens boards are slightly different than Toyo field boards. They are thicker and have rounded corners.

Toyo makes a Toyo field to Linhof adapter board. Canham makes a Linhof adapter frame. Make sure the Toyo field adapter board fits the DLC before before investing in it.

Kevin Crisp
29-Dec-2010, 10:59
Gari: The basic DLC is a great camera that uses Canham's own proprietary boards. They are surprisingly inexpensive for the well made, solid, anodized, milled product that they are. They come up often used on the action site. I think they are 110mm boards but I don't have them in front of me.

The camera can be ordered with a front standard that takes Technica-style boards as commonly used on so many other cameras, including Tachiharas, Ikedas, and many others. I don't remember if it is just an adapter or a different front standard and I haven't seen one but I am sure they work fine.

So I think the answer is if you buy a DLC set up for Technica-style boards it will work fine with those boards. If you don't you'll need it adapted or use the Canham boards.

And most of us call them lens boards, not lens panels, but everybody will know what you mean anyway.

Good luck.

Kevin Crisp
29-Dec-2010, 11:48
The Linhoff frame for the DLC is a $148 accessory per the Canham website.

Bob Salomon
29-Dec-2010, 12:01
The Linhoff frame for the DLC is a $148 accessory per the Canham website.

Since this is a large format group:

Linhoff is the name of a camera repair service in the Midwest.

Linhof is the name of a 120+ year old large format camera manufacturer.

Kevin Crisp
29-Dec-2010, 12:22
Let me be more precise. The Canham accessory frame that allows the use of Linhof-styled lens boards on the Canham (15+ year old large format camera manufacturer) DLC camera is a $148 accessory per the Canham website.

And I should have spelled Technica as "Technika" earlier.

Kerry L. Thalmann
29-Dec-2010, 17:05

Yes, you can use the 110mm Toyo boards on the Canham DLC. The Canham boards are very well made and very affordable. About the only drawback to using the Canham boards is they are rather heavy. I think they weigh about 4 oz. each. I'll check later tonight. The Toyo boards are more expensive, but lighter. Canham doesn't make a recessed board. So, if you need one, the 110mm Toyo recessed board is the way to go.

Or, you can use Linhof style boards on your DLC using the Canham made Linhof adapter that Kevin mentioned. The adapter can be left installed in the front standard of the camera. It's really a very clever design that works quite well with most generic Linhof/Wista style boards.

When I had my DLC (I tbough one of the first 30 Keith made), I originally used the Canham boards, along with a Toyo recessed board for the 75mm. But, when it came out, I bought the Canham to Linhof adapter as it let me share boards between multiple cameras.

If you shoot a lot with ultra wide lenses (shorter than 75mm), you may want to stick with the Canham/Toyo boards as the Toyo recessed board is deeper and provides easier access to the shutter controls than a Linhof style recessed board.


29-Dec-2010, 20:49
I just sold four Toyo 45A & GII and bought a Canham 45/57 wood field. I've used the standard 110mm lens boards interchangeably on all my Toyos.

However I just swaped out my last three Toyo lens boards for Canham boards because the latter are an its-bit thicker (anti-metric standards of measure). The Canham lens board latchches (top and bottom) are screwed into the gorgeous wood frame so screw tension is critical in securing the lens board.

I wanted the tension to be uniform on all four of my lenses to I extravagantly bought new Canham boards for $35 each and put my Toyo boards up for sale for ... $35 each - a net loss of $0.

Toyo boards are well manufactured and rigid. Canham boards are the sort of engineering art which one could mount in lucite and place on the mantle. Makes no difference to the photo but the photographer notices.