View Full Version : Red Dot Artars

Don Cameron
8-Jun-2002, 06:23
Does any know if there are any Red Dot Artars made between the 19 inch, and the 24 inch?

clay harmon
8-Jun-2002, 07:56
The 19" and 24" artars are very common. I have both in my bag. They are very sharp lenses. Just check ebay periodically or quality camera or lens and repro if you want it now.


Robert A. Zeichner
8-Jun-2002, 08:19
Here's the selection:

4, 6, 8.25, 9.5, 10.75, 12, 14, 16.5, 17.75, 19, 24, 30, 35, 42, 47.5, 70.

Jim Galli
15-Sep-2003, 16:34
Hi Dan. I've got one in Compur and it's a superb performer but it just barely covers 5X7 and I only consider it a 4X5 lens which is in line with the narrow angle that dialyte's throw. I'm surprised to hear of one covering 8X10 unless the bellows was out to 14" and you were working near 1:1.