View Full Version : Looking for LF lab in the Houston/Spring area, please help.

Clark King
8-Jun-2002, 01:25
I live in Spring Tx not far from Houston and am looking for a good lab to do my 4x5 proc., and printing. Ultimate goal will to build a darkroom but that will ha ppen later. For the meantime I must hunt down a good lab. I have heard of NPI, HPI(?), and Thomas Photo Lab. Theses are all close to downtown Houston, does a nyone know of a lab closer to Spring, which is north of Houston by about 20 mile s? And have you had any experience with the aforementioned labs, any comments?

Thanks alot for your help!

Clark K.

Ellis Vener
8-Jun-2002, 02:13
AZ lab, llp. , located at 4710 Lillian St. (near downtown, nearthe intersection of Shepherd and Washington) is the best and most consistant lab i have found in Houston. Their URL is www.azphoto.com (http://www.azphoto.com). The lab is owned and run by two extremely fine architectural photographers: Joe Aker & Gary Zvonkovic.

Thomas (west of the Galleria) is in the same league and Houston Photo Imaging is a close second.

Charlie Skelton
13-Jun-2002, 12:23
Whilst I live in England, I had the pleasure of a couple of weeks in Texas a couple of years back. I was staying in Austin and the Austin Photo lab did a 1 hour service on my Tmax 5X4 negs and did a fine job. I was really impressed, it cost about $1.98/ neg as I remember. Austin is not that close to Houston I know, but thought I would throw in my twopennyworth.