View Full Version : Anyone Try The Inglis Cross-Jet Washer?

Scott Killian
7-Jun-2002, 22:42
Anybody try the Inglis Cross-Jet archival washer? This was recevied a rave review a couple issues ago in View Camera Magazine and I can't find any additional information online. The guy was quick to respond with information, but I'd like to talk to somebody who has actually laid their hands on one.

guy tremblay
16-Jun-2004, 10:21
I just bought one from Alistair. I can confirm that this is a very efficient device. I have the 20 x 24, 6 slots and it work wonderfully. A good point is that the shipping package is very good. It arrived in perfect condition. Need more info, just ask. www.guytremblayphoto.com