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27-Dec-2010, 09:16
Is the Ries Carrying Case durable enough for flight check in?

I haven't had any problems with a Gitzo 1548 in my suitcase. The Ries Carrying Case seems strong enough for travel by car, however I'm not sure it's adequate for air travel. I called Ries and they said "Sure It'll be fine". I'd like to hear your thoughts on this matter.

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Louie Powell
27-Dec-2010, 09:54
I can't speak for the Ries bag, but my experience with a Slik bag may be interesting.

I have a Slik U212 tripod that I originally got for use with 35mm. However, I use it with my 4x5 kit when I travel because it's lighter and smaller than the Tiltall that I use around home.

I've taken this tripod to California several times. The first couple of trips we took a large hard-sided suitcase, and stuffed the tripod in the bottom. Each time I've done that, I found that the tripod was damaged when I got home - the elevator handle was broken off.

More recently, we've used suitcases that were too small for the tripod, so I've had to simply check it through in an unpadded canvas Slik bag. It has never been damaged when I've transported it this way.

I have noticed that the tripod bag sometimes doesn't get placed on the carousel with the other bags, but instead is delivered through a door off to the side of the baggage area. Perhaps the airline personnel treat the tripod bag more gently than they do the hardsided suitcase? It does seem to defy logic.

Bruce Barlow
27-Dec-2010, 09:59
When I've checked a tripod, I haven't even used a bag. I take off the head and just put a bag tag on it with name and address. Yeah, it gets a little beat up, but I refer to those dents and scrapes as "honorable scars."

Matus Kalisky
27-Dec-2010, 10:04
I bought compact & light carbon tripod so it fits in carry-on luggage. I carried it on several flight within EU and once longer trip abroad and had no problems. I just took off the steel spikes. It never raised a question from the security guys (contrary to my cameras here and then)

27-Dec-2010, 13:13
Thanks guys. I'm gonna travel with the Ries, maybe with some bubble wrap or foam inside. I'll post the outcome when I arrive.

27-Dec-2010, 13:18
i had a tripod in a case through checked baggage. the bubble level got broken. that took some doing as it was fairly well protected. never under estimate damage potential when your crap gets thrown around by people who don't care

27-Dec-2010, 14:19
Sorry about your experience. I'll have to rethink what I'll use as a protective layer.

Jim Michael
27-Dec-2010, 15:24
I've sent my Cartoni sticks through in a canvas bag a few times, but kept the video head in the suitcase. No damage yet. Be aware it may show up in the area with the golf clubs and not the carousel at your destination.

27-Dec-2010, 15:36
Thanks Jim, that's great to know.

29-Dec-2010, 07:04
Made it safely everyone. I wrapped the A-200 and A-250 head is a packing blanket and placed that in the Ries Carrying Case. My E6 film was X-Rayed, 8x10 Camera Case wasn't even opened.

Enjoying the tropics.

29-Dec-2010, 14:41
I have a fairly sizable Giottos tripod (only has 2-section legs). By removing the center column/head and unscrewing the feet, I'm able to just fit it in my carry-on diagonally. Insulated liberally with clothes, I've never had a problem with it being damaged in transit.

29-Dec-2010, 15:10
My Tiltall has made it as checked luggage without incident through many flights. I put it into the flimsy vinyl case with all the handles in their pockets.

john biskupski
1-Jan-2011, 04:57
Remove the head, wrap the metal base, leg knobs and handles in thick material first in case of heavy shock, and then wrap the whole tripod (spikes turned in) in thick heavy duty bubble wrap, and it's good to check in, even for a heavy A200. Wrapped this way, it is far too thick for its bag, but is protected against drops/shock etc which could be encountered with checked-in luggage. My Ries made it home safely this way via both small jet within USA and intercontinental flights with multiple baggage transfers.

1-Jan-2011, 07:35
I guess you could expect them to throw another heavy suitcase on top of whatever it is that you check, or throw your item a few feet onto a hard surface.

I've transported a CF Gitzo 3 series in checked luggage, with the tripod inside the original carton, then placed diagonally across the middle of a hard shell suitcase. It just fits & the tripod does not move around inside at all. No problems so far.

A Ries would probably not need as much protection, but I understand that a good side impact on CF tripod can break it.