View Full Version : Kodak IR film shelf life?

26-Dec-2010, 22:47
I was going thru some of my storage boxes in my garage today and I found a box of 4X5 Kodak high speed infrared film, (4143). I don't even remember buying this box and the expiration date is 04/1983. Since this film is outdated and it was not refrigerated, I will just experiment with it first to see if it is any good. It's been almost 30 years since I last exposed some IR film. Any tips or dos and don'ts? Thanks for any advise.


Frank Petronio
27-Dec-2010, 00:18
boil the developer!

It is possible the emulsion has lifted but it's worth a test shot....

Armin Seeholzer
27-Dec-2010, 02:38
I would be surpriced if its still good!
My last bunch from the last prod. run from Kodak from arount 2000 always in the fridge it starts to shows some deffects!
But of course I would also do some tests and soup it in XTOL!

Tell us the outcome!