View Full Version : Am I missing something?

26-Dec-2010, 21:38

Am I missing something with this camera?

Jack Dahlgren
26-Dec-2010, 22:26
I think that rather than missing something, it has one too many digits in the price.

Paul Ewins
26-Dec-2010, 22:47
Just a clueless seller who doesn't normally deal with photographic equipment. Maybe they looked at the new Arcas at B&H and figured that it was pretty much the same thing.

Jim Jones
27-Dec-2010, 09:22
The seller does say, "I am never afraid to ask too much for the best one of my prize collectibles." Commendable candor! At least he does include a lens cap, but is the tripod mount there? The photos don't show that little detail. And it is sold as is, no return.

Kevin Crisp
27-Dec-2010, 12:07
Wow. Clueless.

27-Dec-2010, 13:29
Unless..... They are smuggling conflict diamonds inside it.

Peter Gomena
27-Dec-2010, 13:37
But, it's right out-of-the box, mint condition, never used and from the seller's personal collection! Funny how one's emotional attachment to an object can inflate its perceived value. The seller apparently has no idea that about 5 million of these were made either as an Orbit or a Calumet. There has to be an extra zero there. Has to be.

Peter Gomena

Brian C. Miller
27-Dec-2010, 15:17
It's missing the text about its provision: used by Ansel Adams to create burned glass negatives!

Jim Jones
27-Dec-2010, 15:18
Or he intended to start it at a reasonable $35.99 and forgot the decimal point.