View Full Version : Any POP available?

26-Dec-2010, 11:24
Are there any printing out papers available, including silver chloride, Platinum/palladium, albumen, etc?

John Bowen
26-Dec-2010, 13:25

I didn't know you were interested. A couple weeks ago a box of 11x14 Centennial POP was on eBay. I sent a pm to Peter Schrager, but he wasn't interested. Next time, I'll pm you.

Happy Holidays,

26-Dec-2010, 13:51
Foma make a Silver Chloride paper, by all accounts it's excellent.


Oren Grad
26-Dec-2010, 13:54
Something new:


26-Dec-2010, 17:56
What is POP paper?

John Bowen
26-Dec-2010, 18:00
What is POP paper?

Printing out paper

peter schrager
27-Dec-2010, 10:30
John-not that I wasn't interested..actually put a bid in but lost by a few dollars
ordered some from the new company making the pop and will see how it is
happy holidays everyone
best, Peter

John Bowen
27-Dec-2010, 12:01

My Bad! Should I ever see it offered again, I'll let both you and Bill know about it.

Glenn Thoreson
27-Dec-2010, 12:54
Is Chicago Albumen Works still making it? I haven't looked in a couple of years.

Pete Watkins
28-Dec-2010, 02:37
To the best of my knowledge Chicago Albumen Works never made it, they sold Kentmere's P.O.P. paper. When Harman/Ilford took over Kentmere this was one of the products that they dropped. Apparently it was too difficult to make. Ilford made and marketed the stuff 90 years ago but are now incapable of producing the product.

Oren Grad
28-Dec-2010, 09:12


>> KENTMERE CENTENNIAL POP ( Printing Out Paper )

Whilst demanded in relatively small volumes, HARMAN recognises that KENTMERE CENTENNIAL POP has a passionate following throughout the world and so announces with regret that this product can no longer be made.

The most significant reasons for this include the need for extremely elevated temperatures during the mnaufacturing process. There are also chemical additives involved in the coating that HARMAN does not wish to use from an employee health and safety perspective.

To adhere to the required production methods safely, and certainly in a way that at its bare minimum complies with UK health and safety legislation, would necessitate an enormous investment into HARMAN's factory. This cannot be justified due to the low volumes sold. HARMAN did look into the possibility of manufacturing elsewhere but feels it would be unethical and hypocritical to manufacture in a different country where employee health and safety requirements are perhaps less rigorous. <<

Pete Watkins
28-Dec-2010, 10:02
We have a wonderful tradition in this country of blaming Health & Safety regulations (especially the European regs. foisted on us by The E.E.C., or whatever they call themselves this week) for all our problems. Harman employees told me a few years ago at The Focus exhibition that they had made a few token efforts to produce P.O.P. but didn't have the knowledge/skill/commitment to persue the cause. H&S wasn't mentioned.

28-Dec-2010, 10:35
Something new:

http://www.apug.org/forums/forum172/85289-pop-albumen.htmlThanks for that reference. I hadn't seen that company. I immediately passed it along to an interested person who is running out of POP.