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26-Dec-2010, 02:29
I have one of these from my brother in law. It has a Novar-Anastigmat 1:6,3 f=12cm lens and a Telma shutter.

I think it should take 120 film but the format is 2.5"x4.25" (6.5cmx11cm), so it seems to be larger than the "normal" 6xwhatever format of MF ??

There's one (1) spool present in the film chamber, and it is indeed larger than a normal spool. A normal 120 film is too "short" to fit into the chamber: it does not connect with the two lugs.

Am I missing something ? Is/whas there another format "120" format in existence ? Is this camera worth the trouble to look for it (I have a Fuji GSW690III) ?


26-Dec-2010, 03:05
There were a lot of rollfilm formats. I think the second number in the zeiss model numbers indicated the format. So in your case, in 520/15, 15 should indicate the type of film/format.

If i remember correctly 16 and 21 indicate 120 rollfilm, so yours is definately something else.

You could try to make up a small adapter to fit the smaller roll, but the biggest problem is usually supporting the film in the frame opening.

Do a search, information should be available on zeiss collectors websites ;)

26-Dec-2010, 03:09
Hm, you are right: it uses 616 film, and that's not available anymore ...


Oren Grad
26-Dec-2010, 10:16
Seems to be still available if you're willing to pay a very high price:



Central Camera is showing "out of stock", though, and in this day and age one always wonders whether that's temporary or permanent.