View Full Version : differences between 75mm Grandagon MC and Grandagon N

robert lyons
7-Jun-2002, 14:55
HI i am considering a purchase of a 75mm grandagon and wonder if there is any difference optically between these two versions? thank yo

Bob Salomon
7-Jun-2002, 15:55
You mean between one being MC and one not?

Or between design improvements that take place over the life of a lens design?

For a start a serial Number of the Grandagon would help to see how old it is.

We are comparing 75mm 4.5 ones right?

7-Jun-2002, 18:15
Robert, MC means multi-coated in the world of Rodenstock.

J. P. Mose
7-Jun-2002, 23:14

I have a 75mm Grandagon f/4.5 that is stamped "MC" but not "-N". It should be noted that all -N's are MC as well and are stamped accordingly. My pre -N was manufactured in the early 1980's. I have asked this question as well and could never get a formal answer. If you scroll through the archives you will find this question in the past year. I did finally contact Rodenstock in Germany and from their response I concluded that the -N was more of a marketing revision than anything else. I have reviewed the specifications between the two (I have catalogs covering both versions). The specifications are identical!!!. Go for it! As long as it is multi coated (MC) you'll be thrilled with the results.

Best regards,

J. P. Mose