View Full Version : Better way for temp control

Robert Vigurs
23-Dec-2010, 19:27
I have two fairly accurate darkroom thermometers which I have been using in carbon process. I have now found a better way. An automotive customer gave me a digital temp sensor gun, used for checking running motors. Has a red laser that you can spot on exhaust, etc. I tried it in the darkroom past few days. It's perfect. Gives me an instant, exact reading of water temp. Although mine was free, I think that they are available at Kragens etc for $40. Perfectly exact readings. Brilliant!

Jim Michael
23-Dec-2010, 20:22
I have one of those IR thermometers also and on one occasion its use led to underdevelopment of some negatives so I no longer trust that approach. Went with a Weston dial thermometer (analog, like film). I hope your system works for you.