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23-Dec-2010, 10:28
I've used a 4x5 Calumet in school and just bought a Graphic View II. I neglected to see if I was getting a case with it and now I realize that it is pretty necessary. Does anyone know where I can get one of if there is another case that will fit the Graphic View II? I also found a Bogen Manfrotto 190B/GD05 (3205) in my house and not having used tripods much in the past I don't know if this is sturdy enough for the camera.

Any insight would be greatly appreciated!


23-Dec-2010, 10:32
I also need to get a tripod head so any help with that would be awesome too

23-Dec-2010, 10:53
The tripod will work, but I think you will find it is pretty marginal for the Graphic View (the pod is rated for up to 11 pounds, so you'll be up near its limit). Care will have to be taken to keep the camera entered on the head and to allow the camera to settle down (stop vibrating) after you have removed the darkslide and/or cocked the shutter.

I might have a case available for the camera, I'll check later today. The Graphic View II is a fine camera.


PS -- the Graphic View (both the original and the II) came with a dedicated tripod head, so unless an adapter was made to attach it to a regular head, it should have a head with it.


23-Dec-2010, 11:00
Tanner, Calumet has or had a great large format case with adjustable inserts from which to hang a monorail. I see those on the auction site often under either Calumet or Cambo.

Also, Do you actually need a head for your existing tripod or are you missing the tripod mount that was dedicated to this camera? If that is missing, it may be tough replace without having a good machinist build something or modify an existing tripod head with some kind of clamp on adapter that precisely fits the triangular rail.

Why don't you Google this camera and see if any photos come up that show it with the tripod clamp attached for reference.

If you just need a head for your tripod, I love my Bogen 410 head for my field 4x5 work. It is heavy duty enough to handle even a light monorail, which this camera is, and features both gross and micrometer movements on all three axis, that is both forward/backward and side tilts plus revolution. Not cheap, but they can be found used and are quite precise in movements.

23-Dec-2010, 11:02
Yeah i was just going to put the head that came with it on the tripod but the set screw on the legs is too large for the head, so I need to get something to mount that head on.

Thanks for your help!

23-Dec-2010, 11:09
You might have already checked, but see if an adapter was put into the hole of the head to reduce its size, and also sometimes the screw on the pod is reversible with the smaller threads on the opposite end (usually this type of two-ended screw is on the head, not the pod, but you might be lucky).

24-Dec-2010, 00:12

someone posted that today, calumet & graflex case is just about the same