View Full Version : Universal Bellows in Freeport, NY, still around?

6-Jun-2002, 14:31
Trying to get a hold of these folks. Their phone number is disconected. Anyone know if they are still around? If not, anyone know were you can get an 8x10 be llows for under $200?


Pete Caluori
6-Jun-2002, 15:28

Can't say if Universal is still around, but Camera Bellows is. You can contact them via http://www.camerabellows.com/


Jim Galli
6-Jun-2002, 16:05
I had U B make a new bellows for my 11X14 a couple of years ago. Service and quality was fine+. The receipt was hand written in the "hand" of an elder person. Wonder if time caught up and they are retired? Maybe someone will know.

6-Jun-2002, 17:02
You have good chance to go under 200.00 from turner bellow at Rochester, NY.

I have dealed with them for 8x20, 12x20 bellows. price were very reasonable.

Good luck

Jason Greenberg Motamedi
6-Jun-2002, 23:08
A year or so ago I replaced the bellows on my Technika, I called the bellows manufactures I knew of (Univeral, Western Bellows in LA, and Camera Bellows in the UK) and found them all the same price +/- $15. I have no idea what an 8x10 bellows costs, but it is certainly worth calling around. I can highly recommend CameraBellows, and have heard good thinks about Western Bellows.

tim atherton
6-Jun-2002, 23:30
camera bellows in the uk was #165.00 for new 8x10 dorff bellows - about $240 + s&h

great jobs and a couple of weeks

Scott Walton
7-Jun-2002, 08:24
I looked around myself before sending my Tech III off to Camera Bellows last week. They are quick to respond to emails and Donna is very helpful. There is a place in Florida but they literally said that they couldn't guarantee that my camera would have the same extension and close up tight with the "replacement bellows" as they called it so I sent to Camera Bellows.

Tracy Storer
7-Jun-2002, 10:36
I have recently heard that Universal Bellows shut down operations.(no other details) I beleive both Canham and Lotus use Camera Bellows in England, nice. Good Luck, Tracy

tim atherton
7-Jun-2002, 11:47
And Gandolfi's bellows too I think.


James Driscoll
8-Jun-2002, 22:53

7-Jun-2007, 12:17
This is a late but this company was run by my family. My father ran the company until 1989 then passed away and my mother took the company over. She retired in 2000. They were having trouble getting the right fabric they needed to make the bellows and the company they were ordering it from were sending them poor quality repacement goods because they would no longer supply the better quality fabric in the amounts my mother needed at the price she needed it at without having to double her prices. Instead of using lesser quality goods. She closed the doors. Its sad because my brother would have continued the business (everything was done by hand).

Rafael Garcia
7-Jun-2007, 16:37
Replacement Camera Bellows in Hilo, Hawaii will do it cheap. Mark Kapono folded the bellows for my field camera with an extension of 18" (approximately) for a bit over $100.00. I am very happy with his work. You can fill in his forms on his website for a free estimate before making the deal.