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Michael Graves
23-Dec-2010, 07:08
I've searched some of the past threads, and am not finding this. I know there was either a listing or a thread about this, but I give up. I'm going to swallow my pride and ask. Not too long ago, I saw on this forum a lens case that held lenses mounted on Linhof-style boards. This particular case was lined with slotted material that the lens board slid down into. This looked particularly convenient. Can somebody tell me who made those and where to buy them?


Keith Pitman
23-Dec-2010, 07:15
Ebony, I think.

Richard K.
23-Dec-2010, 07:41
Michael, scroll down and you'll see a photo of it here:


Michael Graves
23-Dec-2010, 07:43
That's it! Thank you. Now to spend more money.

23-Dec-2010, 08:28
Keep thinking I should try some of these:


MIke Sherck
23-Dec-2010, 08:36
For Christmas last year my daughter made me a set of lens wraps out of ballistic nylon and automotive head liner material, with Velcro closures. They work great! I have one custom-sized for each of my lenses.


Michael Graves
23-Dec-2010, 10:24
Keep thinking I should try some of these:


These look pretty cool, too. Somebody sent me a link to a fly reel case that Orvis sells that looks slicker than sh...that looks really nice. We have an Orvis outlet about twelve miles from my house, so I'm going to check that out if they have one in stock this time of year. Thanks for all the excellent ideas, folks. That's what makes this forum great.

Barry Kirsten
23-Dec-2010, 13:19
Offcuts of garment leather from a leather supplier can easily be sewn on a domestic sewing machine to make handy pouches for gear. I've made them for lenses, rollfilm holders, spot meter etc., no problem. I originally got onto this idea when wanting to replace infill panels on an old Technika - the result was superb. I was able to buy a bag of assorted offcuts (different colours, textures etc.) for $5. Years later I still have a lot remaining... and a couple of new pouches I need to make.


23-Dec-2010, 13:47
Anybody have a source for the Ebony case? I wonder what it costs? Looks nice.

For the Orvis case, you might consider Fishpond and Cabelas which are vary similar but with different colors and costs. I have a couple of the Cabelas cases. They fit inside most packs and hold a number of lenses, light meters, misc. stuff. They are handy when you are carrying lots of gear. That Ebony case looks nice for 2-3 lenses. For Cabela's, the "standard 10 reel economy" case is the one because it does not have the bulky outside pocket. It is on sale for only $14.99:


23-Dec-2010, 13:49
I should have mentioned that the Cabelas case also fits 8x10 film holders. The only nuisance is that with the lid, the holders are accessed one on top of the other so it is not great in the field but handy for storing them.

Steven Tribe
23-Dec-2010, 14:24
Since I got hold of a Century Studio I have a parallel problem of the safe and tidy storage of large lenses mounted on 9x9" boards. Basically I have looking for a slightly oversize solid box (plywood or aluminium) about 10x10" and quite long for 2 or 3 mounted lenses. No success, until yesterday.
I was dragged out to IKEA last night (to buy a new WC!) and found exactly the right size - with enough room to mount wood strips in the side to give support and allow the boards to slide out. Not the most elegant solution but is good enough for me.
Found in storage furniture - model here is called "Kassett".

I haven't had time to make the wood strips - so the lenses are held apart by lens caps. I have absolutely no connection with IKEA - they don't need my help!

Matus Kalisky
23-Dec-2010, 14:45
Some 3 years ago I got a camera and some lens cases (semi-soft) from Photobackpacker - the best one for me is the LS-1150-4 (http://www.photobackpacker.com/mm5/merchant.mvc?Screen=PROD&Store_Code=RPT&Product_Code=LS-1150-4&Category_Code=RPT02). It weights next to nothings, I can fit all my lenses (minus one that is on the camera) inside, the dividers hold inside really well, offers very good protection and even though it is in the backpack at the very bottom it still works perfectly. And Bruce is very nice guy to make business with.

23-Dec-2010, 14:59
I use the photobackpacker cases as weLl and agree completely with the last post.


Alan Gales
23-Dec-2010, 17:28
I use a photobackpacker case for my lenses in addition to one for my Tachihara 4x5. I had major back surgery (a fusion) in 94 so i don't get along with backpacks. Instead I put all my gear except for my tripod in a cheap McGuire-Nicholas cordura tool case that I bought online from Home Depot. It has a telescoping handle and wheels on it. The photobacker cases protect my equipment very well.