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22-Dec-2010, 03:46

I have Toyo G 8x10, but the GG is missing so I have to either make one or found good or acceptable (if cheap) GG.

From eBay you can found cheap Ground glass for G810 from hong kong, but I really don't know the quality. It can be good enough though.

My main consern is that I don't have any specifications for Toyo 8x10 GG. Does it have fresnel? If so, how much shimming is required for new GG?

What kind of GG overall would be good?

Neal Chaves
22-Dec-2010, 09:50
Surplus shed has what you want at a good price. Buy several, they break! No spacer needed, I have Toyo 8X10. Fresnel lenses are ok for those who need help focusing a press camera like a Graphic or a Linhof, but they are not desirable on a view camera where movements are employed and the light rays from the lens do not always hit the screen straight on. This is why the Technika fresnel is easily removable from the rear.

22-Dec-2010, 10:09
Steve Hopf at http://hopfglass.com/ has done an excellent job for me on Toyo 45G and 45A. I imagine he will know the specs for the 810G as well.

24-Dec-2010, 03:55
Thanks for links!

Hopf seems to offer best that there is, but quality means also price...

Surplusshed.com's ground glass is really cheap. But how are the dimensions?
I haven't found any official information about the size of G 810's GG.
Under the GG there is inset for fresnel (toyo seems always favor fresnel between lens and GG).
The dimension of place above inset (I guess that it's the place for GG) is roughtly 20.1 cm x 24.6 cm (7.9" x 9.7").


Neal Chaves
24-Dec-2010, 06:10
Some of the best (Uncle usually bought the best) equipment comes out of the surplus market for cents on the dollar. Don't discount the quality of that ground glass because of the price. If it is a little oversize, just take it to a glass shop and have the edges ground a bit. While you are there, have them cut off each corner so you can peek into the camera and see the rear element to verify coverage.

25-Dec-2010, 22:23
Jukka, in response to your OP, I recently bought a 4x5 GG from one of those Hong Kong dealers, and it is of excellent quality. Communication was very good, so you can ask what their dimensions are in millimetres.
In both my Toyos, the GG went on top of the fresnel (closer to the photographer), and I always found that strange, so I removed the fresnel.

28-Dec-2010, 03:57
Thanks Ari.

I have an idea of grinding GG by myself (just for fun). If it doesn't work, I will lose only a couple of hours and very little money.

As I don't know the size of (original) GG, I have to guess a bit. The size is about the size of GG's inset, but should there be some free space for heat expansion?

The numbers in couple of messages above are for fresnel I think.
The actual GG's inset is about 25.2 cm x 20.7 cm. Perhaps 25.0 cm x 20.5 cm would do it...

28-Dec-2010, 10:08
I have a spare 8 x 10 Toyo brand GG from my M model. I'll measure that for you for the exact size. Don't fret not having a Toyo GG as mine is/was grainy and not my favorite (I hated it), thus a replacement from Steve Hopf which is far, far superior in regards to a much sharper focused image (minute grain) as well as being much brighter.

29-Dec-2010, 12:24
My original Toyo M II's GG measures 9 7/8 inches by 8 1/8 inches

29-Dec-2010, 15:28
Thank you very much, Joseph!

30-Dec-2010, 06:08
I actually did it. DIY GG :)
The grinding was much easier and quickier than I thought. And the result.. At least comparable (or better!) with my 4x5 Toyo ground glasses.

Work of one hour and price about $5.

30-Dec-2010, 08:53
Your work isn't over yet, Jukka; you have to tell us what you did and how you did it...in detail :)