View Full Version : Viewer on Chamonix 45N-1?

21-Dec-2010, 19:40
Hi, i have a Chamonix 45N-1 and am slowly getting my head around it. Am thinking of getting the viewer for it that puts the image the right way up and was just wondering if anyone knew if you could slip a holder straight in without taking the viewer off? I would mainly use it for portraits, so the less stuffing around the better really. Any thoughts or other suggestions to this would also be greatly appreciated. Cheers Mandon

21-Dec-2010, 19:58
yes, no need to remove the viewer to insert a regular film holder.

21-Dec-2010, 21:44
Cool, thanks so much! Do you know if you lose a lot o light by using it? Cheers Mandon

Frank Bunnik
21-Dec-2010, 22:31
As far as I know and as can be seen on the Chamonix wesite, the viewfinder is clipped on the groundglass back with the groundglass staying in place. The viewfinder does not have to be removed before inserting a standard 4x5 sheetfilm holder.
You only have to remove the groundglass with the attached viewfinder when you want to use a rollfilm back.

22-Dec-2010, 00:34
A lot of people try viewers and end up being disappointed for one reason or another. Light loss, wide angle problems, expense, can't use a loupe, etc.. It is hard, coming from using normal finders, to get used to upside down and backwards viewing. Some would argue, however, that the challenges presented with the groundglass in view cameras can be growth inducing for a photographer's vision, forcing a more contemplative approach. I'm not sure, personally.

In any event, I have a crown graphic that has a variety of nice options for quick composing including a nice rangefinder. That might be another thing to consider if the typical ground glass is a problem.