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21-Dec-2010, 08:57
As many others before me, I am exploring the idea of creating my own LF camera. I have been a cabinetmaker for 28 years, now retired. I have the tools needed. My current obstical is the light trap for the filmholders. I disassembled a broken filmholder and have not been able to locate any simular finger stock. I have spent numerous hours on the internet looking for alternatives. I have considered velcro, velvet and other materials. I am just wondering what fingerstock others have had success with?

21-Dec-2010, 09:18

Michael Roberts
21-Dec-2010, 12:47
Hi Kevin,
I'm working on the same problem. Search "diy film holders" and check the posts on page three. I have a link to finger stock from omega shielding that I learned about from Erik Larsen.

I'm working on one more refinement idea. Should be able to test that by this weekend, and will update my post then.

Please let me know how your design works out.

erie patsellis
21-Dec-2010, 14:21
velvet and some V weatherstripping from Ace Hardware works quite well for me. It's similar to a Hasselblad light seal in function.

Michael Roberts
21-Dec-2010, 14:27
Erie--can you provide some more info about the weatherstripping--is it made of rubber, silicon, metal or what? How thick is it?

21-Dec-2010, 17:29
Thanks for the input. I am early in exploring this thing. Kind of new to LF Photography too. Michael, it looks like you live in Golden. I live by Florissant, about 30 miles west of Colorado Springs. We'll have to get together sometime and talk photography/cameras.

22-Dec-2010, 12:55
Michael, I've been looking at some of your posts with you cameras. You clearly have been doing this much longer than I. I would very much like to visit you and see your cameras. I have little to use for reference so physically seeing another camera would be much help. I am flexable with time so whatever will work for you if you don't mind.

Michael Roberts
23-Dec-2010, 11:15
Hi Kevin,
That would be great. I've been out of town this week; getting back late tonight. I'll send you a PM with phone and email info.