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6-Jun-2002, 08:54
I need a 4X ND filter for my 250mm Imagon. The filter must have a smooth outside diameter of 67mm to push-fit into the Imagon's lens shade. Any suggestions?

6-Jun-2002, 09:12

If you are living in Germany, try Foto Gregor in Cologne(Koln) last time I was there (6 weeks ago) they had two used Imagon 250 on sale, one Imagon include two, duplicate ND filters. Maybe they sell you one of them.

Bob Salomon
6-Jun-2002, 10:37
Once again Arthur.

The filter fits on the lens directly. The hood fits on the filter. You do not mount the filter into the hood.

6-Jun-2002, 10:57
Bob, I don't see how this could be the case. The rim of my lens has an internal lip that's 64mm in diameter and 4mm deep-- which just accepts the disk in a press-fit. There's not room for anything more. At the same time, the 67mm yellow Rodenstock filter that came with the lens is a comfortable press-fit inside the lens hood, where it rides on another lip perfectly spaced to accept the disk. Perhaps you are not familiar with this vintage Imagon. My lens is #2044231. At any rate, I need a smooth-sided filter that will work with this combo. All the best. Arthur

John Wiemer
6-Jun-2002, 16:51
Arthur....Although I haven't tried it yet (I also have the same Imagon lens w/ the press-fit ND filter and the same problem) there is a Hoya Polarizer Filter Set that is designed to fit over binocular lenses where threads are not available. It does not fit inside the lens, rather over the lens and is secured by several small screws. If you go into the Adorama internet site under "Binoculars" then to "Accesories" you will see a picture of it. Although it is a "polarizer" unit, I imagine you could buy ND filters to fit. Just an idea that has yet to be tested. Best of luck.

J. P. Mose
6-Jun-2002, 22:35

Here's my two cents. My 250mm Imagon is a late one with a Compur 3 shutter. One of three disk (various apertures) are pressed onto the front of the lens (although the lens is actually behind the shutter). Next the filter is pressed onto the aperture disk...the filter fits on the INSIDE DIAMETER of the aperture disk. The hood is next pressed on the OUTSIDE DIAMETER of the aperture disk. Hence, the filter is a smaller diameter than the hood and will slip through the hood from front to back. So mine is like Bob Salomon describes.

Perhaps the earlier Imagon with a Compound shutter had a different aperture, filter and hood configuration. Therefore, you will need to determine your exact needs before buying over the internet.

Best of luck.

J. P. Mose