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5-Jun-2002, 22:33
I vote that we convene a secret discussion at Josh's place, in the event that ph oto.net ends up sucking really bad because of massive increase in traffic. Hopef ully that wont be the case but we may end up finding out how good we have had it all these years. I know I wont hang around if I have to sift through 75 answers to each message. Life is too short

http://joshwand.com/q-and-a/index.php?topic=Large Format Photography (hopefully this is OK with Josh!)

See ya there, or somewhere! I've really enjoyed this forum. Thanks Q and Phil. B ye-bye Lusenet. sniff sniff sniffle....oh waaaaaaaaaa

5-Jun-2002, 22:56
rats,,,uhhh wasnt thinking...can someone delete this thread after we leave here and before we go to photo net? ;-) ;-)

Just checked photo.net, and the server isnt available! It should be just like old times.

Doremus Scudder
6-Jun-2002, 02:29
If Josh is amenable...

Bob bFrancis
6-Jun-2002, 07:24
Sorry, slightly OT...

My main worry is photo.net's "Privacy" policy which basicly states that they reserve the right to use any personal information for their own purposes and pass it on to "affiliates" - i.e. stand by for more spam....

"We may share User Information with our partners, affiliates and joint venturers that are committed to serving your need for the Services and improving your user experience"...

Yeah, right! Heard those platitudes somewhere before....

The bottom line is that photo.net is a run as a business, and we all know how far you can trust *them* on the 'net. I for one will not be giving photo.net any valid email addresses or other personal info which means I guess that I will now be restricted to Read-Only mode on the forum (I heard that cheering at the back!).... The beauty of Lusenet (apart from its quality of content) is that I can happily use a valid email address, something I would never do if spam was a likely result.


Ed Buffaloe
6-Jun-2002, 08:03
Change is always traumatic. I've had an account with Photo.net for 2 years and am not aware of receiving any spam as a result. My primary concern is that it will be a slow connection.

6-Jun-2002, 09:42
I"d rather be at photo.net than any of the other servers that were mentioned as possible alternatives. I guess the era of the "free lunch" is rapidly coming to a close. There will be many new people added to this community, and response time will be slower. Perhaps ,it will give all of us a reason to carefully read the questions and think about our responses before we react with richeous indignation when we think that someone is criticizing our favorite brand of equipment.

Bob bFrancis
6-Jun-2002, 11:30
Ed - glad to hear you have not been noticably spammed since using photo.net - but the fact that they reserve the right to do so fires off alarm bells - perhaps I am being paranoid, but if you have no intention of doing something, why reserve the right to do it?

Both Yahoo and Hotmail for example suddenly decided to overwrite their user's privacy settings and make their accounts open to spamming from Yahoo and MS affiliates...

I have only dipped into photo.net a dozen times or so, so have no idea how good/bad their service is in terms of speed & availability in the long term.

Unfortunately, I have no alternative to photo.net other than that proposed by others: to run the forum on a standard ISP account and find the running costs from somewhere (anyone out there with a T1 or E1 they are not using?)...


tim atherton
6-Jun-2002, 11:43
so what's new with photonet? I haven't been able to get on since last night, and even when I could, it wouldn't let me register.

So are these regualr outage usual?

6-Jun-2002, 12:24
same here...dunno, but I saw your post about removing glasseine sleeves from stuck negs...that's a good one to remember....

Pete Caluori
6-Jun-2002, 13:39

I've had an account on photo.net for several years and haven't detected spam as a result of that account. I still prefer this forum, but it appears this will no longer be an option. There is another group, which some members of this forum participate in as well: www.f32.net


tim atherton
6-Jun-2002, 16:52
well, photo.net is up, but you still can't sign up or log on. Photo.net users - is this normal? Seems worse than being on yahoo!

One idea for hosting - I might talk to Brian Reid who hosts the Leica Users Group and a couple of others. He runs the servers himself and I have never ever known them to go down ( and the LUG has a huge volume of messages most of the time). tim

tim atherton
6-Jun-2002, 17:42
Well, Brian Reid has offered the LF forum space on his servers. I have no idea if what he has fits our tech requirements, so I have just passed the information on the the List Owner and the techie knowledgable folks who have chimed in


Brian Mottershead
6-Jun-2002, 23:46
photo.net is run by basically the same people who run LUSENET. Philip Greenspun is the majority shareholder of photo.net. The Terms of Use are legal boilerplate, and are in the process of being reviewed and changed because the lawyers put stuff in there that a lot of people don't like, and which we don't really need to run the site. They are going to be changed. Typical lawyer-grabbing-every- right-they-can-get-away-with.

No one's email address has ever been sold to anyone, and it would be amazing if that happened. We hate spam too.

Bob bFrancis
7-Jun-2002, 09:43
Brian - thanks for that info re' the photo.net privacy policy - makes me feel a lot happier for one!


Wayne Crider
7-Jun-2002, 16:16
Thre was a notice that Photonet was going to be down on June 5th. It was in the unarchived forum I believe.

mark lindsey
7-Jun-2002, 22:08
the only places I have used this email is here and at photo.net, and I have gotten spam, not much, but some.

Brian Mottershead
8-Jun-2002, 08:15
Mark, I've been a very active member of photo.net for a year, and apart from messages from other photo.net members, I don't believe I have received spam through photo.net in my personal mail account. I only have one mail account and it receives very little spam.

One tactic of spammers is to use address-harvesting robots that crawl through web-sites looking for email addresses. On photo.net, email addresses are hidden from non-members, which essentially defeats robots since they don't know now to login. Addresses like feedback@photo.net that are out in the open get tons of spam ("Hi, feedback, how are you?"). So members accounts at photo.net are not harvested, unless someone goes to the trouble of teaching his robot how to login to photo.net. I can't recall this happening to me, although other members have reported receiving spam that they were convinced was due to photo.net.

Indeed, greenspun.com is easier to harvest for email addresses, since they are out in the open. The only thing that saves users here from spam is that harvesters might have a harder time finding greenspun.com because there are fewer links to it out there.

QT Luong
8-Jun-2002, 14:34
I must agree with Brian. There are valid reasons to be wary of a move to photo.net, however in terms of spam, their login system would be an improvement.

Jennifer Waak
8-Jun-2002, 18:06
In the year and a half I've been on photo.net I think I've gotten two photo-related spam emails (both in the past two months). Since I use the same email address for here and photo.net, those emails could have been generated from this board for all I know.

I'm hoping that since LF will be it's own forum that most people will just stay out of it -- like most do with the medium format stuff.

Anyway, let's see how it goes.

Brian Mottershead
10-Jun-2002, 14:27
By coincidence a just received a message to the effect that the widow of a former African dictator wants to transfer $45.5 million to my account. It was sent to mottershead@photo.net. This is a mail address that I actually have never used except here on greenspun.com during the past few days. It is an alias that I set up on photo.net to forward to my real account.

In all the time of using my real account on photo.net I haven't received this kind of thing. So I think the comment about greenspun.com putting mail addresses in the open being a problem is not just theoretical.

Joe Buechler
10-Jun-2002, 15:15
LUSENET isn't going away, right? If things don't work out at photo.net, just start a new Lusenet forum - "Large Format Photography and Equipment" or something like that.

P.S. The widow wants to transfer all those millions to me also ;)


QT Luong
10-Jun-2002, 20:26
I would suggest that for now this community move to photo.net instead of dispersing into various sites. As it has been said here, the option to move to a new home from photo.net is not closed if a better solution can be found.