View Full Version : Outdated film

19-Dec-2010, 13:43
Just how old is old when it comes to Kodak Tmax film? I have some tmax from 2010 and was wondering if it would still be OK to use. I realize it 's not as good as fresh film but how much am I really losing.

Ben Syverson
19-Dec-2010, 13:49
It's still 2010...

Roger Thoms
19-Dec-2010, 13:51
The film should be fine, why not expose some and find out for yourself.


Andrew O'Neill
19-Dec-2010, 13:53
I have a box of old TMY and TMX that I purchased in '98 when I lived in Japan. Expired in 2000. Both are fine. I keep them frozen when I'm not using them. Film that expires in 2010 is fresh as far as I'm concerned.

John Kasaian
25-Dec-2010, 00:18
In my experience B&W film lasts quite a long time past it's expiration date. I've shot 6 year old Ilford and it's been fine. I've got rolls of aerial film from the 80's that I suspect are still OK. I keep my film in a freezer when possible, but I've got a few holders loaded with TMY thats been at room temperature for close to a year and which I'm just now using and its just fine as frog's hair:)

25-Dec-2010, 09:32
Remember that the use by dates were shortened when all the manufacturers became ISO 9002 accredited. Prior to that the dates were typically 5 years for B&W films, now it's less than 3.