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19-Dec-2010, 13:06
Greetings everyone,

I'm restoring some very old cameras, like a beautiful Scovill Optical Star View 1888, and need to replace the bellows because I'm going to be shooting with it. Since these are unusual sizes I'm checking first to see if any currently available bellows will fit. The width of original bellows are:
Front end, 158mm x 158mm
Rear end, 296mm x 296mm

Does anyone know what might fit this or where I can get a chart that lists the sizes of current 8x10 bellows like:
Arca Swiss
Kodak 2 D

And any more 8x10s.

Thank you for this forum,

Jim Graves
19-Dec-2010, 19:42
You may need to provide a diagram to show where you are measuring ... inside width or outside?

You may also want to ask the full extension length ... and whether the bellows taper equally from all sides/top/bottom or differently (e.g. my Kodak 2D 8x10 tapers more on the topside and is almost straight on the bottom side.)

There are probably some other measurements or characteristics (e.g. square corners) that are important.

It would be really nice to have a data base somewhere with all the bellows dimensions. Good luck.

19-Dec-2010, 20:39
A bellows made to fit your camera shouldn't cost more than a bellows from any of those other cameras.

20-Dec-2010, 02:28
A bellows made to fit your camera shouldn't cost more than a bellows from any of those other cameras.

I agree. Custom Bellows in UK. It needed to be said...;)

21-Dec-2010, 09:56

Thank you for your responses. I considered getting them from Custom Bellows. Although there are ready made bellows for around $150 for most of the cameras I've mentioned on eBay. The custom made bellows run at about $400 from CB in the U.K.

Apart from this I'm adapting other cameras too so it would be great to have a chart.

The bellows on this camera run directly from the inside corner of rear standard, to the inside of the front standard. The leather is tacked onto a wooden frame.

I'm attaching some photos.

Thank you!