View Full Version : 53mm Biogon

5-Jun-2002, 15:38
I'm thinking of getting a 53mm biogon for the wide lens on My 2x3 Tech V. Is the re anyone out there that has used this lens? I would like to hear your experienc es with it.Or would I Ibe better served with a more modern offering? Thank you.

Jeffrey Goggin
5-Jun-2002, 15:49
I have no experience with the 53mm Biogon but the 55mm Grandagon that I've rented from Photomark in Phoenix, AZ is definitely a great lens.

J. P. Mose
5-Jun-2002, 16:21

I am very familiar with the 38mm Biogon and 75mm Biogon. The 53mm is parallel with the others. The Biogon will be as sharp as the current lenses (some will say sharper but the latest lenses are truly outstanding!). The Biogon will perform well wide open (even illumination, sharpness and resolution) and reaches its peak by f/8. The others have to be stopped down considerably. So the Biogon will be great for hand held shots if you are into this. It's biggest downfall is coverage. Movements will be very limited while a Grandagon or Super Angulon (or similar) will allow for full use of your 2 X 3 Technika V's movements. The Biogon is more suitable for straight shooting....the others are more suitable perspective control (which is what most people with field/view cameras want). The final comment is lack of multicoating on the Biogon, which is more of an issue with color film if that is what you shoot with. If you e-mail me the serial number of the lens I can give you an approximate year of manufacture. 53mm Biogons are 1955 and forward nad their design never changed. Take care.

J. P. Mose