View Full Version : What film is most like Tri X?

Robbie Bedell
15-Dec-2010, 16:28
I am about to order some film, but I do not have the budget right now for my favorite- (4x5 Tri-X). Of all of the imported films, Foma, Adox, etc., in your experience, which one is most like Tri-X? I would love to buy them all and make my own determination, but right now it is just not possible. Thanks in advance! Robbie Bedell


Jay DeFehr
15-Dec-2010, 23:32

Do you mean TX, or TXP?

Robbie Bedell
16-Dec-2010, 07:28
Thanks Jay, yes, TXP. I am en ex-newspaper guy so if its 400 (or 320) it's Tri- X to me! Thanks for the correction!


John Kasaian
16-Dec-2010, 23:03
Nothing is quite like TXP. IMHO HP-5+ is about as close as I can get---but it is a very fine film in it's own right. I haven't tried the new Arista.edu 400(Fomapan 400)

Vlad Soare
17-Dec-2010, 04:14
No film I know of has the retouching base of TXP. You can draw on its back with a pencil almost as easily as if you were drawing on paper. I find this a very nice feature. I wish other films had it, too. Now that I'm trying to take up 8x10, the retouching of negatives looks like a very interesting and appealing technique, which I'd like to try.

I haven't tried the new Arista.edu 400(Fomapan 400)
I have, about two years ago, but in 35mm only. It was at best ASA 200 - perhaps even lower if you wanted to raise the shadows into the straight line part of the curve. It was also quite grainy, noticeably grainier than 400TX, though I suppose that would be a non-issue with large formats.
Overall, a nice film for its price, and I might give it a try if it becomes available in 8x10, but I didn't find it to be much of a match to 400TX (I don't know about TXP; I've only used TXP in 8x10, and not for too long at that, so I can't compare them).

Jay DeFehr
17-Dec-2010, 09:20
I've been shooting some Foma 400 lately, and I like it, but I'm not sure it's a match for TXP. TXP has that long toe. Foma definitely has a toe, unlike TMY-2, and I suppose that makes it closer to TXP than TMY-2. HP5+ doesn't have much of a toe, either. What about Neopan 400?

17-Dec-2010, 09:30
They don't make Neopan 400 in sheets, unfortunately.

Robbie Bedell
17-Dec-2010, 13:15
Jay, I love the Neopan 100 in 4x5, 35mm and 120. But I'm trying to hold the cost down at this point. Perhaps I will look into the Foma. I can see I have alot more research to do. I suppose I should call Freestyle and see what they have to say.