View Full Version : Calumet Woodfield lensboard question

John Miranda
4-Jun-2002, 12:10
I have an old Camulet Woodfield 4x5 camera that has a square lensboard measuring a length very close to 3"5/8 inches. I believe a newer version of the Woodfiel d came out that may have a different size lensboard than the model that I have.

Anyways, I'm trying to find a coule more lensboards to fit this camera (copal 0 and copal 1) and was wondering if there are other more common brands that also have lensboards that match - i.e. are square and measure 3"5/8?

As an example, I visit bhphoto.com or Adorama and they have maybe over a hundred lensboards for sale but often don't include their dimensions (only the brand of the maker - Linhof, Wista, etc) so I can't judge which, if any, would be compat ible.

Any recommendations? thanks! John

4-Jun-2002, 14:02
John, call Calumet at 1-800- Calumet. They may still have lensboards for the old Woodfields.

Brian Ellis
4-Jun-2002, 18:04
I don't know about old and new Woodfields but the Woodfields that Calumet sold for many many years were Tachiharas with a different decal(and a higher price). Tachiharas take the Linhof Technika size boards.

John Miranda
4-Jun-2002, 22:00
Thank you for your inputs. Sometimes the answer is so obvious that its easy to overlook - I called Camulet, and yes, there are two woodfields - the "older" one and the newer one, and they use different lensboards. The older one, which I have, is a more unique lensboard size. Anyways, they had a couple left in stock so I ordered them today.

I'm glad, this is an older camera and certainly isn't fancy, but its light and easy and has produced some really nice pictures for me on hiking trips so want to keep it going. I recently hiked the grand canyon with this light camera, took a miniature tripod and using a small unbrella blocked the wind from moving it and got satisfactory results. Thanks again - John