View Full Version : How many people use aquarium pumps in their Jobo CPE-2

John Fink Jr.
15-Dec-2010, 10:12
I'm curious as to how many people use aquarium pumps in their Jobo cpe 2 processors.
I'm just getting started with a cpe 2. Is there a consensus on which pumps are preferred?

Thank you for all coming input!!

Brian Ellis
15-Dec-2010, 10:45
Pimps in aquariums? What's the world coming to? I try to avoid pimps. It's always best to cut out the middleman when you can and deal directly with the seller.

15-Dec-2010, 10:55
Aquarium pimps.


Graham Patterson
15-Dec-2010, 11:16
I used a pump (actually a garden water feature pump) for a while. I think it got the bath to temperature a little quicker, but I don't think it made any difference after that. The pump sat in the deep space to the right of the tank.

Where it was useful was to pump out most of the water when I was finished - I tend to batch process film and don't need it always available.

I have a 24 hour timer that I use to get the unit running if I plan an early session or need it ready as soon as I get home from work.

15-Dec-2010, 12:13
Putting a pump in there doesn't seem to really make the temperature any more accurate from what I've seen. If your doing color it is advisable to run the tank loaded with film, but no liquid, for awhile to heat up the tank and the film inside. The action of the tank rotation will help circulate the water too. Pumps are great for getting the water out though.

John Fink Jr.
15-Dec-2010, 12:14
Hehe, I apologize for the misspelling in my header above.

15-Dec-2010, 12:22
Aquarium pimps.


I'll certainly be wearing a pair of those when using my Jobo from now on.:cool:

I don't bother with an pump though - I get the water to about the right temperature for E6 when filling it up (i.e. mostly hot with a bit of cold, check with an electronic thermometer) after which the unit can maintain this temperature fine. Bear in mind that convection and the rotating drum will circulate the water to some degree anyway, and a quick swish around with your hand every now and again if you're worried should suffice.

But if you run the unit full of water from cold then yes, I'd want a pump running otherwise you'll probably be waiting for hours.

John Fink Jr.
15-Dec-2010, 12:24
Thanks to everyone. I was more interested in the advantages of a "PUMP:-) in maintaining constant temperature, rather than the speed of warming up.
I gather that's not the case.

John Fink Jr.
15-Dec-2010, 12:26
Oh and the image of you guys wearing those "pimps" makes my day!

Brian C. Miller
15-Dec-2010, 12:59
The CPP has a pump, but it is so much larger that it really needs it to properly circulate the water. The CPE is much smaller, so the action of the tank rotation is all that is really needed for sufficient circulation.