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murray king
15-Dec-2010, 02:01
a few weeks ago a Thornton and Pickard Triple Imperial Extension camera came into my possession. it is in excellent condition. Also 3 plate holders, which don;t seem to be for this camera. There are about 3 or 4 mm too small. I need someone to identify what model it is. I am unable to, at this time, upload the photos of this camera, but can send them via email to anyone who is able to help me out. I am new to the camera and computer game but i am learning (slowly!). if you could help me out please let me know. Thank you, Murray.

15-Dec-2010, 02:09
Welcome to the Forum, mail the images to me the address is in my profile.

I have a TP catalogue, plus a lot of adverts scanned. I bought a Half plate Butcher or TP camera 10 days ago (the round name plate's missing). I need to identify mine which I think is a Victo - made by both companies or maybe made by one & sold by both as there was a lot of inter-trading pre WWI.


Ernest Purdum
17-Dec-2010, 09:23
What are the dimensions of the groundglass?

Unfortunately, holders for these cameras were not at all standardized between makers. Since however, the back is readily removable, it is not difficult for any competent woodworker to make up an adapter to a back which will take modern film holders.

Steven Tribe
17-Dec-2010, 09:33
You should be pleased they are slightly smaller rather than slightly larger. Adding a thickness (felt, veneer strip) is a lot easier than whittling away at the camera back/holders.
The bad news is that the set depth of the ground glass may not match with the position of the film/plates in the holders you have. There is some variation between manufacturers. Again this is fixable with spacers.