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Tim Lewis
4-Jun-2002, 08:55
Please help me identify my an old Linhof 4x5 field camera that I was given. It s ays Linhof on the face and has a small glassless view finder. It has a number 12 1 stamped on the inside of the body and the letters DRP and DRGM stamped on the top of the outside of the body. I would also like an approximate value.

One problem is that I am having trouble getting it open. The "barrel" shaped loc ks stick so I am looking for a way to get them lubricated. Any suggestion would be appreciated.

Thanks, Tim

Bob Salomon
4-Jun-2002, 09:13
121 would be a serial number for a Kardan 810 camera, not a 45 model.

Forget the letters they only tell you it is patented.

Find the serial number on the body or call a Linhof distributor (not a dealer).

IF YOU ARE IN THE u.S. you can reach us at 800 735 4373

Thomas Vaehrmann
4-Jun-2002, 09:18
Hi Tim, as Bob said, the letters mean Deutsches Reichs Patent and Deutsches Reich Gebrauchsmuster, mean patent-protected and before 1945. It could be a Technika II or an earlier modell.

Tim Lewis
4-Jun-2002, 10:46
I cannot open the front right now because the lock is stuck. I don't want to make it worse by turning the barrell the wrong way, so, from the top of the camera which way to I turn it? Down or up?

Also, the 121 is on the back of the body is in the upper right looking at it from the back. The body size is about 6"x6.5"x3". There is a logo stamp in the leather on the back that says "Linhof Munchen" if that is useful.

Bob Salomon
4-Jun-2002, 12:08
Actually no, Linhof Muenchen isn't useful.

Linhof has always been in Munich.

If you are in the U.S. contact Linhof service at 973 808-9626 for help as this camera is in need of service. Otherwise contact your local Linhof Distributor or their authorized service center.

Tim Lewis
13-Jun-2002, 10:07
3027 is the serial number on the Linhof I was asking about. The lens says Steinheil Muchen Unofokal 1:4.5 15cm No. 504769. Compur shutter. I would appreciate any info on this camera. Thanks, Tim

Marios Nikitas, Nicosia/Cyprus
14-Jun-2002, 13:35
You might find this address useful http://cameraquest.com/techs.htm Regards