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13-Dec-2010, 15:26
I was just given a new box of 100 sheets of kodak tri-x 320 b&w 4x5 (exp. 8/98) and a box of 50 sheets kodak ektapan b&w 8x10 (exp. 8/99) Im almost positive neither of these have ever been freezed or fridged. Does anyone have experience with new boxes of film this old and know what setbacks are involved, and maybe to what extent due to the age? thanks


13-Dec-2010, 16:23
Loss of speed and contrast
No way to quantify, even if we were scientists you state no history is available.
I think you meant frozed and fridgen
Try it with the above in mind
Google for "how to process old film" after a search here-usually involves extended development- use a standard like D76 HC110 or Ilford equals.

13-Dec-2010, 16:28
I am using a box of Tri-X 8x10 about that old -- never kept extra cold as far as I can tell. Some extra base fog, but it is even and I can just print through it.

13-Dec-2010, 16:57
Recently, I have used Tmax 100 and 400 from the mid nineties, that has been stored at a cool room temp most of its' life, and except for a bit higher base fog, it has worked well, for me. I didn't do any scientific testing to determine actual film speed, but it was probally 1/3 stop or so slow.
Only testing will tell you if it is still good, but there is a very good chance that it still is quite usable.

13-Dec-2010, 17:32
I forgot about the fog
But that can be counteracted to a degree with a dollop of Benzotriazole- I got some last year from ?? Calumet maybe? to try to tame fog on printing paper.
i believe there is a thread here someplace .

Mark Sampson
14-Dec-2010, 08:31
HC-110 is reputed to be a low-fog developer. That might help.
Ektapan is a slow and contrasty film, meant for studio portraiture. Test it @ EI 25 to start with.