View Full Version : Surplus Shed zoom for 4x5 (?)

John Schneider
13-Dec-2010, 12:26
This http://www.surplusshed.com/pages/item/l10514.html looks interesting, even more so at the price. Does anyone know what the lens was made for, and if it will cover 4x5 with good definition?

13-Dec-2010, 12:34
It says its out of a MF portrait camera. Perhaps a Camerz.

Probably covers 4x5 only at close distances since its intended for 70mm rollfilm.

Looks like an interesting project for the price.

13-Dec-2010, 12:54
Interesting, and a sweet price. Might be fun with roll film back. But am I missing something... I don't see aperture scale in any of the pics. Is it fixed wide open?

Dan Fromm
13-Dec-2010, 15:14
The description says f/4.5 - f/5.6. Fixed aperture. Not for serious use, alas.

13-Dec-2010, 15:42
Ooops. I lokked at that ad twice and failed to see the "fixed aperture" statement. Thanks for reading for me, Dan! :)

Dr Klaus Schmitt
13-Dec-2010, 17:53