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Bernard Kaye
12-Dec-2010, 19:54
I hope "they" let me send this, I am again logged in, retyped for second try.

Purchased on ebay an ICA REICKA 505, (10 x 15cm.) folding plate camera to get ICA. AKT. - GES EXTRA RAPID APLANAT NOVAR f6.8F= 16.5cm. in ICA shutter, T & B, 1-1/100.

Lens needed a little cleaning and shutter exercising. Used an Aplanat decades ago, it is worth the climb. It is an interchangeable shutter-lens, has front rise & fall & shift and drop bed for swing back but is single extension but focuses so well.

No one was interested in this but it came with a new bellows and in remarkably good restorable condition which I did.

Some crud & rust and repairs to gg back; glass super for vintage & age and double cut ICA pop off-pop on film holder that "she or he" put in two Kodak 5 x 7" film sheaths modified to take 10 x 15cm. film; I have to modify to take 9 x 12cm. which I am going to do after I make good on the damage I caused today:

In final cleaning of lens elements, I dropped front element, now has on edge of 28cm. or so diameter lens element a 1/8th inch (3cm.) oval about 5/16th inch(5-6mm.) long chip. I have used lenses with much more front element damage that berform well but ask you to stop what you are doing and tell me any way that you think I can replace the front single glass element, the entire lens or entire shutter-lens?

The shutter has ICA tabs for interchangeable shutter-lens feature.

I messed-up a gem.



Brian C. Miller
12-Dec-2010, 20:03
Do you have both the lens and the chip that came out of it? If you do and there is no missing glass, send them both to a lens specialist and ask that the chip be epoxied back onto the lens. There are optical epoxies (Google search (http://www.google.com/search?q=optical+epoxy)) which will do an excellent job. (Focal Point lens repair (http://www.focalpointlens.com/fp_intro.html))

Bernard Kaye
12-Dec-2010, 20:18
Brian, Still hunting for chip. Thanx,

Mark Woods
12-Dec-2010, 20:22
Check this site out. They may be able to grind one for you.


Steven Tribe
13-Dec-2010, 09:27
I am afraid that a replacement lens would cost rather more than picking up a new set.
Replacing the chip can be done but even a good join will probably introduce wayward light which could show up as flare. I think just blacking out the damaged surface will solve the problem - especialy when you stop down.
ICA used the Novar name for many years - also in connection with anastigmats. Are you sure it isn't an anastigmat - the F6.8 sounds like a Dagor copy!
The 16.5cm was standard for 10x15 cameras but the same lens may have been used for the 13x18 models which are more common (or at least an additional source!). I have seen the ICA (JCA!) Novar listed many times on that site.

Bernard Kaye
13-Dec-2010, 10:54
Thank You, All.

It has four separate thin elements, appears to be symetrical and "says", "***extra rapid Aplanat ***."

The ground glass image is very bright.

I will black-out the damaged surface.

Evie and I took the tile-floor kitchen apart but no chip which ran away with the little screw I dropped years ago..

Again, Thank You and "As you were."


Steven Tribe
13-Dec-2010, 11:06
So it is not a true aplanat ( achromat + achromat ). This is a dialyte which explains the speed. The slither is probably stuck to your shoe sole or around the shoe laces!

Bernard Kaye
13-Dec-2010, 19:11
Sliver not found:

I suspect that an Aplanat or RR f6.8 is a mislabled Dialyte, that Aplanat & RR were limited to f 8.

With research, my lens is a Dialyte; wondering if most f 6.8, 16.5cm. Aplanats and RRs are Dialytes; I do see them on ebay.

You people came through for me. Thanx,


Steven Tribe
14-Dec-2010, 02:20
My Vade Mecum has been lost in a slow HD breakdown so this is from memory! Must remember to buy one (with figures) from CCHarrison!
I think it is only Continental makers that sometimes labelled their air spaced objectives as Aplanats - something to do with infringement of copyright of the expression "anastigmat" which was in operation for a short period.