View Full Version : Which Sinar Multipurpose Standard to Support Bellows on Sinar P ?

Ken Lee
12-Dec-2010, 10:18

Instead of the wooden piece :rolleyes: what is the Sinar standard needed to support the bellows ?

There appears to be a variety of items with the name "Multipurpose Standard".

I want to be able to raise and lower the standard adequately.

What is the Sinar part number ?

12-Dec-2010, 11:05
Sinar norma intermediate standard. Part number, I dont know, but it is that one:

Jerry Bodine
12-Dec-2010, 11:19
According to the Sinar Catalog, page 21, it appears that Part No. 437.61 would be what you're looking for.


12-Dec-2010, 11:49
F front standard is what is used in most studios I have worked in

12-Dec-2010, 13:05
Ken, I don't have my Sinar catalog with me, but any "mutipurpose standard" will work fine. The part numbers for post-Norma cameras seem to differ only in appearance (e.g. knob style, black/chrome), and in details such as the positioning of detents on the rise columns. The Norma item looks more different, of course, but will still work.

Rick "but not all are usable as an F front standard" Denney

Frank Petronio
12-Dec-2010, 22:54
Buy one of those cheap old 4x5 Fs and sell off a few pieces = FREE

Plus you get a second rail clamp for that bad boy, make up a plate to mount them both.

13-Dec-2010, 07:36
Any Sinar standard will work; for convenience the multipurpose standards are nicer.