View Full Version : Phone number for Precision Camera Works?

2-Jun-2002, 11:04
Does anyone have the telephone number for Precision Camera Works in Niles, Illi nois



John Bailey
2-Jun-2002, 19:16
The last number I had (from the most recent SinarBron catalogue) was 847-823-3330-this is also the last number I had in my rolodex. However, I have not been able to contact Bob and have not spoken to him for about a year. I do not know if he is still performing any work. He is absolutely a terrific repair resource and a terrific guy. If you are able to speak with him, please send my regards.

John Bailey

Len Krueger
5-Jun-2002, 14:30
I recently made contact with Bob at Precision Camera Works for some parts for an older monoball. The number that I have is 847-340-4864

Brad Michael Moore
24-Feb-2004, 11:25
Bob is working on a camera for me presently. The following is pasted from an email... "Bob Watkins Precision Camera Works Tel/Fax: 847/430-8088"

brad moore