View Full Version : How good could that be - 3S-Kangrinpoche Fresnel

12-Dec-2010, 02:41
I want to but a Fresnel glass, and saw this one on the bay:


since I never used one before, I can't judge by the picture its quality. can someone shed some light on that?

12-Dec-2010, 04:29
Will probably be the same as those on current Chinese LF cameras, if so, the price is average - Shen Hao fresnels sell for about the same. The Shen Hao fresnels are IMHO not in a class with expensive original Sinar or Linhof fresnels, but they are no worse than any of the other affordable after-market fresnels I've ever seen, and doubtlessly superior to cheap reading loupe fresnels.

12-Dec-2010, 04:31
ok, that doesn't sound so good....:)

compared to this:

regarding price-performance ratio, is it better to get the calumet one?