View Full Version : Tubing supplier for pnumatic shutters

Jay Decker
10-Dec-2010, 09:39
Found a supplier with a product that meets my needs, has good pricing for small quantities with reasonable shipping, and is responsive and good to deal with. They have a website: http://4fishin.com/surgical_tubing.htm. I have no connection or interest in the company - I just buy tubing from them. For the Packard shutters in my 8x10 Kodak 2D's and Century studio camera, I order black latex tubing that is 3/16" ID x 1/16" wall thickness in 10' lengths (Item No. ST-316-10 at 4fishin.com).

11-Dec-2010, 00:10
Some other potential suppliers:

McMaster-Carr Supply Co at www.mcmaster.com - huge selection of tubing

Small Parts Co at www.smallparts.com

- Leigh

Steven Tribe
13-Dec-2010, 05:16
They need a $50 minimum order for shipping internationally, unfortunately. This is the first link in OP's note.

14-Dec-2010, 15:50
McMaster-Carr has no minimum order and no handling charge.

Great folks to deal with.

- Leigh

David Aimone
14-Dec-2010, 16:48
My local hardware store has a great selection.

Jon Wilson
14-Dec-2010, 17:09
I usually purchase fuel line hose from the local auto parts store. Although there is a theory with merit that you should use surgical tubing or similar tubing which will have minimal vibrations transmitted to the shutter as compared to fuel line tubing.


Jay Decker
14-Dec-2010, 18:21
My local hardware store has a great selection.

Good for you, David! I wish that my hardware store did...

David Aimone
14-Dec-2010, 19:07
Have you tried a pharmacy that supplies the local hospital?

15-Dec-2010, 18:46
Try your local lawnmower repair shop for fuel line tubing. I found some that is nearly identical to that supplied with new Packard shutters.