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9-Dec-2010, 23:51
hello good people

i just bought an old wooden miller, made here in sydney, in '81, miller as you know was the inventor of the fluid head,
and it is amazingly perfect for my 8x10 sinar P

i was using or trying to use a manfrotto 3 way head, and it was ridiculous, i think it is an SLR head,
so after 3 seconds of use it is clear that it is an amazing tripod.

steady as, fluid movement, rock solid and steady, and with a long handle to control, no grabbing the wrong thing like the manfrotto, drove me crazy wobbly as sin!

oh and it is really steady.

it has a big base plate with rubber so offeres generous support and a tight grip thanks to the rubber sheet.

very steady.

ANd the one i bought had been used all over the world and had some best sellers under its belt to boot so some good history/mojo:)

so if any one is wondering about tripods a movie camera tripod is the go!

10-Dec-2010, 00:54
Miller are great tripods. I used one for many years in Television production. If you don't have the chains that connect the legs they are a worthwhile thing to have.

Mark Woods
10-Dec-2010, 01:29
I've been spoiled for over 30 years with Motion Picture tripods, and also an assistant, a 2nd assistant, a couple of grips to move all the stuff around. I love the gear head I owned for 20 years. Very precise control, but very heavy. I'm using a Manfrotto fluid head for my 8x10 & 11x14 cameras. Unfortunately, it doesn't lock down as well as a Schatler, O'Conner, or Ronford heads. I have no idea about the Miller heads since they were on the distant also rans in the MP industry. No offense meant, but I haven't used them often in the last 20 years.

10-Dec-2010, 01:49
[QUOTE=Mark Woods;658738]I've been spoiled for over 30 years with Motion Picture tripods, and also an assistant, a 2nd assistant, a couple of grips to move all the stuff around.

you are very lucky

on a random, do you know of a sinar P reducing back that needs a home


10-Dec-2010, 05:46
just learnt how to upload so here is my new friend henry, after henry miller.

16-Dec-2010, 23:46
I have a dumb question for you folks that use Miller tripods. I purchased a Miller tripod here in Southern California, from a company that sells a lot of used movie and video production gear. It did not come with a Miller head, but I purchased a Quickset fluid head from the same vendor. My question is how do the Miller tripods hold the head into the bowl? The Quickset head rest very well into the bowl, but it does not bolt on or have a pinch bolt or anything to fasten it down tight onto the tripod. I'm afraid that it may be unsteady with my heavy old 8X10 2D sitting on top of it. I would hate to have my old wood Kodak come falling off the tripod. The Quickset head is also very heavy weighing in at 8 pounds.

Any info would be appreciated,


17-Dec-2010, 00:36

My advice get a miller head.

the bowl needs a ball type thing, which is an adjustable thingy, if the grounds not level etc

this old '81 miller i have is great. the bowl thing can be a bit fidly and you have to lock it in tight, but its ok undoing it can be a bit hard, but not to bad.

all in all it is a good way to level.

i like the long handle and the smooth oil movements, and with the sinar makes me think i am shootin a flic

Eric Woodbury
17-Dec-2010, 08:46
The Miller I have doesn't have a bowl, just a flat area to bolt the head. I've seen folks adapt those bowls by simply covering them with a round disk of wood (like a big washer) and bolting the head from up through the bottom.

A great tripod. Lots of different models and sizes. Some are just right for LF.

Mark Woods
17-Dec-2010, 11:59
Hello Andrew,

I have an 8x10 to 4x5 reducing back. You still need the Sinar 4x5 back to make it work. I don't use it. It's aluminum and has a bit of oxidation on it, but could clean up nicely. Let me know if you're interested.